McDonald’s Canada has named Stephen Hughes from Chinook Ranch in Longview, Alberta, as its first Canadian representative for the McDonald’s Flagship Farmer Program, a global initiative that amplifies the stories of exceptional farmers who exemplify best practices in beef production and agriculture.

Hughes was selected for his long-term commitment to innovative ranching practices, including year-round, rotational grazing techniques. As McDonald’s Canada’s Flagship Farmer, Hughes will inspire and inform fellow ranchers, share his experiences, showcase the best practices of Canadian beef producers and engage stakeholders on the impact he’s achieved at Chinook Ranch. He will also continue to participate in a variety of community engagement and outreach programs.

The McDonald’s Flagship Farmer Program is one part of the global organization’s commitment to support, promote and amplify sustainable practices in agriculture. The program enables farmers, ranchers, producers and growers to share knowledge and experience with other farmers around the world, helping to drive positive change across the global agriculture industry while helping protect the viability of their farms.

The longstanding relationship between McDonald’s Canada and Chinook Ranch has helped establish McDonald’s as a global leader in beef sustainability and represents the organization’s unwavering commitment to Canada’s beef industry.

McDonald’s Canada has used 100% Canadian beef since 2003. Since 2009, the company has also been a catalyst for sustainability in the Canadian beef industry. The organization will continue to champion the responsible practices the Canadian beef industry is known for, which help ensure the humane treatment of animals, and positive outcomes for farmers, ranchers and the planet.

The McDonald’s Flagship Farmer Program has engaged farmers and ranchers in Europe for several years. The program’s current focus is on identifying Flagship Farmer beef producers in each of the top 10 countries from which McDonald’s sources its beef, including Canada (the third-largest supplier of beef to the McDonald’s system on a global basis), the United States, Australia, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Poland and United Kingdom.

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