Merchant Warehouse, a leading innovator of payment technologies and merchant account services, announced a partnership with RetailEdge, a point-of-sale (POS) software solution and inventory management provider for retailers. Through this partnership, Merchant Warehouse’s Genius Customer Engagement Platform will be integrated into RetailEdge’s POS solution, offering customers expanded payment acceptance functionalities and greater mobile capabilities.


The RetailEdge POS solution enables retailers to leverage the exciting opportunities mobile devices present, including using a handheld device to complete various tasks, like remote sales and physical inventories, through an all-in-one system. With the Genius integration, RetailEdge can offer its customers expanded payment acceptance capabilities, such as mobile payments, discounts, coupons, and loyalty programs, while finding ways to cost-effectively grow their business.


“We pride ourselves in offering our customers an easy-to-use and affordable POS solution,” says Andrew Shinn, president, RetailEdge. “With Merchant Warehouse's Genius platform, we can offer our customers more payment options, debit card processing, better PCI security, and signature capture, all in a single, easy to configure, customer-facing device. The Genius platform also integrates nicely with our RetailEdge Island POS solution to help our customers with mobile businesses."


Genius is a software platform that lets merchants accept any kind of payment, discount, or loyalty program within a single transaction from a single platform. Genius accepts all current forms of payment and can be quickly and easily updated as payment technologies evolve in the future. Genius is also a PA-DSS validated solution that separates all sensitive data from the POS system, ensuring the protection of transactional data through tokenization and point-to-point encryption.


“For businesses of any size, the importance of a high-quality customer experience is more important than ever. A big part of that is accurately tracking customer purchases to ensure you can deliver what they’re looking for, regardless of the channel where their purchase was made or the means of payment they choose to use. Genius lets retailers do exactly that,” says Henry Helgeson, CEO, Merchant Warehouse. “With Genius, retailers can gain access to this information from a single platform, enabling a deeper understanding of all transactions to help them make better business decisions.”

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