Miguel’s Jr., is paying for Orange County residents to directly compare it to its competition. To celebrate the 40-year-old, Inland Empire-based chain’s splash into Orange County—and the recent opening of its new Tustin Marketplace eatery—Miguel’s Jr. is offering a free Miguel’s Jr. Famous Burrito to guests who present a receipt for any purchase from another Mexican fast-food restaurant at any of the three Miguel’s, Jr. locations in Orange County June 29 to July 5.

The “Eat Better/Eat Traditional Challenge” is a cornerstone of Miguel’s Jr.’s 2015 Eat Better campaign. The first-of-its kind fast food initiative is a direct challenge to Mexican food lovers across Southern California who crave true, traditional Mexican recipes.

Through July 5, anyone who totes a receipt for the purchase of competing Mexican fare into Miguel’s Jr.’s Tustin, Orange or Costa Mesa locations can enjoy a Miguel’s Jr. Famous Burrito for free to discover for themselves which is best. Any food purchase qualifies, however some restrictions apply so see stores for promotional rules

“We’re not afraid of the competition—let’s see whose burrito is best. One receipt equals one free burrito. We like our chances,” says Steve Rezner, Miguel’s Jr., director of marketing. “Orange County is still getting to know Miguel’s Jr., so we’ve been using our side-by-side Taste Ambushes to pit the Miguel’s Jr. Famous Burrito against the offerings from the county’s biggest Mexican food chains—and local folks are quickly learning that we are the real deal. There’s just no comparison for quick-serve Mexican food.”

Participants can go online to view Taste Ambush videos, learn more about Miguel’s, Jr., menu ingredients, and even take an interactive Pledge to Eat Traditional. Eat Better is dedicated to re-educating Mexican food fans about traditional Mexican food—in this case, family recipes that trace back 50 years to Central Mexico that have since spawned a 14-restaurant-strong chain with a cult-like following in the Inland Empire, quickly spreading to Orange County.

“We say go ahead and try another burrito—although I don’t know why you’d want to, other than to get a free Miguel’s Jr. Famous Burrito,” adds Mary Vasquez, family-owned Miguel’s Jr.’s co-founder, matriarch, and recipe creator. “There’s no question you will taste a difference. Our burrito tastes the same today as it did when my family created it in Central Mexico when I was a little girl. And you have my word on that.”

Mary Vasquez and her husband Mike Vasquez founded Miguel’s Jr. in 1975 as a spin-off of the popular Miguel’s Restaurant (named for Mike’s grandfather, Miguel). Miguel’s Jr., has since grown to 14 locations: 11 in the Inland Empire and three in Orange County—the Costa Mesa location being the first to open in Orange County in 2014.

Mary Vasquez still works in Miguel’s Jr., kitchens to ensure that all recipes are executed with her signature home-style touch. Ingredients are never boxed or freeze-dried and come from Vasquez Family recipes. Miguel’s Jr. also spends extra on high-grade, Longhorn cheese from Idaho—hand-grated in each restaurant—without relaying the cost back to customers.

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