While traditional Fenway Frank hot dogs continue to be bestsellers at Major League Baseball (MLB) games nationwide, Aramark is rolling out some new offerings for this year’s MLB season to stay on trend with consumer tastes.

This year, Aramark is adding gluten-free stands in three stadiums that will feature items such as veggie dogs, turkey burgers, and gluten-free burritos.

“Our goal is to offer something for everyone,” says Erin Noss, senior communications manager for Aramark. “While a veggie dog or salad may not appeal to everyone, it may enhance the game day experience for the person looking for a vegetarian option. …We’re focusing our attention on offerings fit for a variety of diets.”

These better-for-you options are part of Aramark’s Food That Fits Your Life program—an extension of the corporation’s Healthy For Life platform.

Noss says Aramark innovators never stop tweaking the menu, and planning begins for the next season’s offerings before the current season even comes to a close.

This year, she says Aramark chefs have done a particularly good job of reimagining the classics, citing Chef Dominic Soucie’s take on a traditional chicken and waffles dish: the Chicken & Waffle Cone. Soucie’s version includes a fresh-baked waffle cone stuffed with mashed potatoes and fried chicken, and topped with honey mustard.

Aramark also teamed up with 25 celebrity chefs this season, including Andrew Zimmern, host of “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel.

Noss says having recognizable names is a boon for food sales.

“They all bring excitement and buzz, along with an authentic experience and great-tasting dishes that you can’t get at other ballparks,” she adds.

Noss can’t say what will be this year’s home-run menu item, but she is confident that customers will be able to find something perfectly tailored to their taste, from Filet Mignon Steak Frites to Chicken Taco Salads.

“Whether it’s bringing a city’s hottest chef into the ballpark, putting a twist on a baseball classic, or launching a concept dedicated to making custom salads, we want fans attending games at our ballparks to have numerous options for whatever they are craving that day,” Noss says.

Aramark partners with 11 MLB teams each season to provide spectators with these innovative items at more than 150 sports facilities, convention centers, and entertainment venues throughout North America.


By Emily Byrd

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