Moe’s Southwest Grill introduced its "Food Mission," which includes redesigned menu boards that will feature a new food mission wheel “steering” guests to select healthier food choices. These healthy menu options include gluten-free ingredients, vegan-friendly options, and low-calorie meals.

Moe's uses more than 20 fresh ingredients, including hormone-free grilled chicken, beef and even organic tofu. The Atlanta-based chain will also present customers with more than 20 gluten-free ingredients in items such as burritos, rice bowls, and salads.

For vegans, Moe's will make their shredded cheese and sour cream free of gelatin and animal rennet, while also preparing vegetables such as onions, peppers and mushrooms on a separate grill from the meat products. The chain, which has more than 400 locations nationwide, will also off organic grilled marinated tofu.

Moe’s menu will now include several meal options at less than 450 calories, such as salads and burritos with tofu or chicken, fresh salsa and grilled veggies. The chain's Web site, at, provides an online nutritional calculator.

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