MonkeyMedia Software, provider of Monkey, announced its partnership with Bringg, a web and mobile platform for managing takeout and catering deliveries. Bringg's toolset has been tightly integrated into the Monkey platform and is now available to Monkey clients as an extended add-on service.

“Today, more than 100 restaurant brands have deployed our web-based technology tool to support their restaurant takeout, delivery, and catering operations," says Erle Dardick, CEO of MonkeyMedia Software and The Catering Institute. "Partnering with a world-class solution that is focused on adding value to our customers in the on-demand delivery world will further enhance our abilities to help restaurant operators grow sales and increase their profits in their off-premise business operations."

By leveraging the toolset of Bringg, restaurants that use Monkey will be able to:

  1. Electronically dispatch orders to available delivery personnel
  2. Manage deliveries via a centralized dispatch, distributed hub/regional model, or distributed store model
  3. Make available a mobile application to better help delivery personnel
  4. Access tools to help the brand manage/audit order setup and accuracy
  5. Notify guests of delivery time to destination and delivery personnel whereabouts
  6. Better report and track delivery personnel distances/mileage traveled and routes

“When it comes to deliveries, we want to empower the restaurant operator, and their delivery personnel, with the best tools available to help them manage flawless execution within the last mile,” says Mo Asgari, president of MonkeyMedia Software. “This partnership will provide a rich feature set for our customers to manage their own delivery fleets, as well as handle any third-party delivery contractors when required. Most importantly, we are partnering with an industry expert who will stay ahead of the curve."

In takeout and catering delivery, there are two critical touch points with the guest: order capture and order pickup/drop-off. Through the mobile application, delivery personnel will be able to electronically accepting orders when on shift, electronically reference orders accepted, receive live routing information, electronically confirm and receive signature of order receipt, and easily manage electronic tips and gratuities.

“In the on-demand era, businesses of all types are starting to see the need to level up their existing delivery management infrastructure,” says Raanan Cohen, CEO and cofounder of Bringg. “With the MonkeyMedia Software/Bringg integration, businesses that deliver takeout and catering get the best of what Bringg’s technology has to offer: on-demand delivery management, a customer experience that allows real-time tracking of drivers, and easy communication between customer, driver, and dispatch. Now on-demand efficiency and great customer experience will be fully realized for delivery of catering and takeout."