Guests seeking something new at Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes can treat their taste buds with the better burger chain’s Jalapeño Jack Turkey Burger, a limited-time offer created in partnership with Jennie-O. Guests can enhance the flavor of their Jalapeño Jack Turkey Burger, like they can with all burgers at Mooyah, with a combination of Mooyah’s three buns, five cheeses, 11 toppings, and 11 sauces.
“Taste is our No. 1 priority, and guests who are on the hunt for delicious menu items will find just that with our new Jalapeño Jack Turkey Burger,” says Michael Mabry, chief operating officer at Mooyah. “No matter where their local Mooyah exists, our guests can now take a flavor vacation to the Southwest with this delicious turkey burger we know they will enjoy each and every time.”
The Jalapeño Jack Turkey Burger—created by Jennie-O, a brand on a mission to make it easy to eat well—provides yet another option for burger fans who want a zippy kick with the ideal amount of spice. Jennie-O developed the recipe by tapping into current flavor profile trends and marrying the demand for a leaner burger with the growing desire for options featuring the bold flavors of regional cuisines.
“We know how much Americans love a great burger, and they are always looking for unique new ways to spice up this iconic menu item,” says Renee L. Cool, product manager at Jennie-O. “With the Jalapeño Jack Turkey Burger, we’ve created a delicious, wholesome option for Mooyah’s guests that will help them enjoy the perfect combination of great-tasting JENNIE-O turkey and the adventurous, satisfying flavors of the Southwest.”
Mooyah is encouraging their fans on social media to help celebrate the launch of the Jalapeño Jack Turkey Burger by showing their “tail feathers” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Fans can upload a photo of their turkey burger dressed up with a napkin tail feather and tag it with the hashtag #myMooyah. Guests will be chosen at random for the chance to win Mooyah Moolah.
The Jalapeño Jack Turkey Burger is the burger franchise’s newest way of delivering flavorful food to new and existing markets. In 2015, Mooyah plans to continue to grow and enter new markets across the country, targeting Atlanta, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida, and Cincinnati for expansion.
Mooyah Guests can also choose from a variety of bread options, such as baked in-house artisan white or multigrain wheat buns and handcrafted lettuce wraps to compliment the delicious Jennie-O turkey patty and other mouthwatering burger options. Each gourmet burger creation comes with a selection of unlimited veggies and a choice of nine delicious sauces.
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