Muscle Maker announced the addition of Burger Joe’s to its non-traditional portfolio. The company plans to launch four additional brands that showcase prominent menu categories throughout 2021. Adding new offerings through the company’s existing brick and mortar and ghost kitchen locations is a low-cost way to reach a broader audience.

Burger Joe’s will offer a combination of “healthier for you” and “cheat day” burgers all served with sweet potato fries or regular fries. This brand is now available out of the Healthy Joe’s and Muscle Maker Grill locations in the Chelsea and Tribeca neighborhoods of NYC and will quickly roll out to the company’s ghost kitchen locations in Chicago and Philadelphia.

These additional brand offerings will expand the company’s reach into new audiences. The new menu items will offer something for everyone, showcasing “healthier for you” options with some “cheat day” items to quickly calm those cravings! These new menu items are easily created with mostly the same ingredients already stored in-house, offered through our existing 3rd party delivery and pickup locations, allowing for expansion with very little cost associated with launching the new brands.

Mike Roper, CEO of Muscle Maker Grill, says, “We’re thrilled to kick off the new year with some new brands and offerings. Burger Joe’s provides a “healthier for you” burger and a “cheat day” option for those who want a more decadent burger. Households will no longer be divided on where to order – we have something for everybody! We can launch these brands from our already existing brick and mortar and ghost kitchen locations quickly with little cost associated making them a win for our non-traditional growth plans. Offering the new brands via 3rd party makes set-up, launch and execution very efficient. We look forward to sharing more brands and their offerings in the near future.”

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