Muscle Maker, Inc. announced that the company, along with one of its franchise partners have signed agreements to open three delivery only ghost kitchens throughout the U.S.

The first delivery only ghost kitchen will be located in downtown Providence Rhode Island and will be operated by Muscle Maker, Inc. Providence is home to many well-known universities such as Brown, Johnson and Wales, Providence College and The Rhode Island School of Design. Located amongst these institutions is a thriving business culture with high delivery potential. Within a three mile radius there are over 230,000 employees and 28,000 students.

The company’s non-traditional growth model will now stretch from coast-to-coast with the openings of two ghost kitchens in two major metropolitan cities. The first will be located in downtown San Francisco and the other in downtown San Jose. Both of these locations will be operated by a local franchisee who also owns and operates the Antioch, CA location.

Michael Roper, CEO of Muscle Maker Grill, says, “As stated in recent press announcements, the company is following its non-traditional growth plans, and now we’ve got a dedicated franchise partner opening their first two delivery only ghost kitchen locations on the West Coast. The ghost kitchen model makes sense for the brand given the high delivery demand due to Covid, low cost of entry and ability to expand rapidly.”

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