Muscle Maker announced that it has signed an agreement with Happy Meal Prep to roll out the company’s current meal plan service on a larger scale, reaching millions of potential new customers. Happy Meal Prep, and their marketing partner, Combustion Group, specialize in creating and marketing custom websites exclusively focused on the online meal plan restaurant segment.

Muscle Maker Grill will now be able to offer its current meal plan program to more consumers in a much wider geographical area. Each restaurant location has the capability to be a fulfillment center for online meal plan orders with a radius up to 250 miles around each location.

Muscle Maker Grill plans to launch its first meal plan locations out of its military base location at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and its Manhattan Muscle Maker Grill location in the Midtown neighborhood of NYC. These locations, with a shipping radius of up to 250 miles provides each location access to a new audience of potential customers. Similar to many of the meal plan services currently on the market, Muscle Maker Grill’s meal plans will be prepared fresh, packaged, and shipped directly from our restaurants ensuring fresh meals are delivered right to the customers door.

Happy Meal Prep specializes in meal prep order management software and has forged ahead as an industry leader in the meal prep space. Leaders at the company have already worked with some of the biggest names in the food preparation industry, crafting plans for growth that have proven to be highly successful. In 2020 alone, Happy Meal Prep’s customer base has grown over 8,000% with its reach expanding to seven countries and hundreds of clients subscribed to their software platform. In any given month, according to the company, Happy Meal Prep’s software processes orders of hundreds of thousands of meals, and millions of dollars in value. After switching to the Happy Meal Prep platform, clients typically see a 3x improvement on conversion rate, $20 increase in average order value, and 30% decrease in time spent on routine tasks.

“Muscle Maker Grill’s meal plan service has the capability of extending the company’s reach into multiple geographic areas from one location. Whether working from home, home schooling or simply wanting an easy solution and variety of prepared meals, our customers are looking for ways to maintain healthy diets. I am very impressed with Happy Meal Prep’s track record and marketing ability,” says Michael Roper, CEO of Muscle Maker Grill. “As we continue to build our infrastructure in the new restaurant and retail environment, we are now starting to fill in the infrastructure with new options to satisfy consumer needs. This combined with ghost kitchens, delivery and non-traditional locations allows Muscle Maker Grill to keep offering new ways to reach consumers, where they are located, with multiple consumer touch points.”

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