Mvix, a market leader in digital signage systems, has announced the launch of a Web application for brand continuity management in a decentralized digital signage network.

Appropriately labeled as BrandSignage, this cloud-based software is targeted at franchise-leveraged businesses, allowing brand consistency across their entire franchise network.

"This Web app is the first of its kind in our industry, and we are very excited about this new system," says Ross McClymonds, vice president of global sales. "This product is a result of months of marketing research, client demos, and trials. Its comprehensiveness and versatility ensure its application in a wide range of franchise-based operations and use cases."

BrandSignage is built on the fundamental idea that ensuring and building brand consistency is a corporate-level phenomenon, whereas leveraging, growing, and promoting the corporate brands is a franchise-level endeavor.

It allows corporate and brand owners to set brand guidelines for in-store, digital signage advertising, and digital menuboards, along with an easy-to-use interface for franchisees to deploy approved media content and menuboard layouts on screens.

"Multiunit franchises always face difficulties trying to ensure brand consistency," McClymonds says. "Brand consistency across locations and stores improves overall customer experiences; however, customization of content, prices, and promotions may be necessary for keeping the franchise relevant to the local market."

BrandSignage is comprised of two related modules for brand continuity management: "Template Designer" and "Campaign Manager."

Template Designer allows brand owners to upload signage templates (i.e. menuboard layouts) and assign these templates to specific franchisees, along with usage guidelines and specific editing permissions.

Franchisees, on the other hand, can edit, customize, and localize these templates to suit their markets. These personalized templates can then be published by the franchisee, thus ensuring brand consistency and local-market relevance.

The Campaign Manager module is a point-of-puchase, ad campaign management tool that allows brand owners to provide a set of mandatory (national) and non-mandatory (local) ad campaigns to each franchisee.

All mandatory campaigns are automatically included across the entire signage network, whereas the franchisees can choose among the non-mandatory campaigns for their respective locations.

"We have build BrandSignage as a complimentary system to our XhibitSignage solution, thereby providing a complete digital signage bundle to our entrerprise clients," McClymonds says. "So far, we have received excellent market feedback on the comprehensiveness of its features. Initial field tests and pilot evaluation programs have provided excellent feedback from both brand owners and franchisees. We are now proud to launch this robust product after incorporating those enhancements.