The Double-Double Burger from In-N-Out was ranked the “Top Fast-Food Burger” in a crowd-sourced ranking from more than 3,000 fast food customers, according to

When asked to vote on a list of  “the top fast-food burgers”, the aggregated opinions of more than 3,000 individuals voters produced this top five:
In-N-Out Double Double Burger
Five Guys Hamburger
Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger
Wendy’s Baconator
“This data reflects the powerful brand loyalty and appeal of In’N’Out and Five Guys, which dominated the top three despite limited availability nationwide,” says Clark Benson, CEO of “As a native Midwesterner, I was pleasantly surprised to see the White Castle Slider in the seventh slot, as well”
Among burgers from nationwide chains, Wendy’s Baconator led the pack, followed by the Burger King Whopper, the Wendy’s Quarter Pound Single, the McDonald’s Big Mac, and the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. 
“The popularity of this ranking reflects America’s love affair with the hamburger,” Benson says. “Consumers on our site can choose among literally thousands of topics to vote on, and more than 3,000 voters decided to weigh in on the subject of fast food burgers.” is the premier data source for aggregated consumer opinions. More than seven million people go to Ranker each month to view, rank, and vote their opinions on matters both entertaining and practical.  
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