Nékter Juice Bar announced several new menu offerings just in time for summer. Available beginning June 11 at all 57 Nékter restaurants, the refreshed menu includes the new Mango Delight Smoothie, Acai Mango Bowl, and Acai Superfood Bowl. Also new to Nékter this summer are four new bottled, Cold Pressed Juices, and Superfood Proteins, as well as the new and improved low-glycemic, nutrient-dense and detoxifying Advanced Cleanse.

Developed by Nékter’s innovative research and development team, all of the new menu items are packed with vitamins and nutrients that help boost energy and immunity, improve digestion, and promote clear skin, among many other health benefits.

“With longer days and warmer nights, summer is the perfect time to ramp up your wellness routine, starting with a healthy diet rooted in nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables,” says Alexis Schulze, cofounder and chief visionary officer, Nékter Juice Bar. “Our new offerings were created to provide a unique combination of tremendous nutritional value and fantastic taste. What they don’t include are unnecessary ingredients such as artificial sugars or fillers that can actually negate the many positive benefits provided by fresh and natural foods.”

The new offerings include:

  • Mango Delight Smoothie: Packed with 20 vitamins and minerals, mango is the star of this new tropical smoothie, which also includes pineapple, house-made cashew milk, and agave nectar. Available in three sizes: 16-ounce ($5.95), 24-ounce ($7.95), and 32-ounce ($9.95).
  • Acai Mango Bowl: An antioxidant-packed, tropical-flavored acai bowl with a delicious blend of acai, banana, mango, pineapple, coconut butter, and house-made cashew milk, and topped with hempseed granola, coconut flakes, banana, and agave nectar. ($7.95)
  • Acai Superfood Bowl: This premium bowl features an energizing blend of acai, banana, strawberry, blueberry, spinach, kale, chia seeds, and house-made cashew milk, and is topped with immunity-boosting superfood toppings including bee pollen, cacao nibs, hemp hearts, and goji berries. ($9.95)
  • Turmeric Shot: Made with turmeric and apple, this antioxidant packed shot helps fight inflammation in the body. ($2.75)
  • Superfood Add-Ons: The perfect energy-boosting complement to any juice, smoothie, or bowl, Nékter’s new superfood add-ons include bee pollen, cacao nibs, hemp hearts, and goji berries. ($1)

Also new this summer at Nékter are four Grab-N-Go, cold-pressed juices, and an Advanced Cleanse:

  • Turmeric Skinny Lemonade: Nékter’s newest Skinny Lemonade incorporates turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps boosts metabolism, promotes glowing skin, and supports healthy joints and muscles. ($6)
  • Lean Greens: Nékter’s lowest calorie bottled green juice yet, this low-glycemic, cold-pressed juice includes Swiss chard and green apple, and is bursting with nutrient-dense super greens. Lean Greens helps stabilize blood sugar, suppress appetite and provide steady energy for the long days of summer. ($6.00)
  • Strawberry Pitaya Superfood Protein: A nourishing blend of almonds, pitaya, strawberry, filtered water, agave nectar, and a hint of kosher salt to promote radiant skin, while boosting immunity and energy. ($7.50)
  • Green Superfood Protein: A protein-packed blend of almonds, spinach, spirulina, dates, and filtered water. Essential minerals and nutrients help replenish muscles and boost metabolism. ($7.50)
  • The Advanced Cleanse: Nékter’s lowest sugar and most nutrient-dense cleanse, the Advanced Cleanse floods your body with immunity-boosting vitamins and antioxidants. The Advanced Cleanse includes six detoxifying formulas, including cold pressed juices, lemonades, and nut milk. ($45 for one-day cleanse.)

Additionally, to encourage guests to reboot and kickstart their summer glow, Nékter is offering any 2-Day Cleanse for only $70 for the entire month of June.

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