Nekter Juice Bar, the national healthy lifestyle brand on a mission to help people thrive and feel good from the inside out, starts 2023 with a new campaign called “Better with Nekter.” The multi-dimensional, omnichannel campaign will promote the brand’s longstanding commitment to supporting their guests’ individual paths to wellness by offering an authentic menu of freshly made juices, superfood smoothies, acai bowls and healthy snacks made with only whole and nutrient-rich ingredients to boost body, mind and soul. The announcement comes as Nekter Juice Bar prepares to open its 200th location within the next several weeks and as it continues to bring more Nekter Juice Bars to communities across the country.

The campaign also reflects the results of a recent survey in which Nekter Juice Bar asked its 1.3 million Rewards Members what “living better” means to them. Not surprisingly, eating better and improving fitness were common responses. Interestingly, however, many respondents stressed that prioritizing self-care, being kinder and striving to be their “best self” were also essential to “living better.” One respondent offered, “Living better means being your best self! Allowing yourself to do all the things that make your soul come alive! Whether it’s exercise, spending time with friends and family, work or whatever makes you happy.”

“At Nekter Juice Bar, our goal has always been to help our guests choose better, eat better, and ultimately feel better,” says Steve Schulze, co-founder and CEO, Nekter Juice Bar. “With this campaign, we want to encourage our guests to achieve their wellness goals in ways that are best for them. While some will take the leap and make significant changes to their lifestyles, others can simply take small steps that can have a ripple effect on long run overall physical and mental health.”

The “Better with Nekter” campaign was created to encourage healthier eating but also to support the entire person through menu enhancements and special offerings throughout the year, bright and inspiring in-store signage and messaging, plus monthly inspirational initiatives over social and digital channels with a renewed focus on influencer partnerships, Instagram and TikTok. Nekter will also engage with its loyal guests throughout the year with giveaways and sweepstakes with likeminded, health-oriented brands.

For example, in February, Nekter will promote living “Better with Vitality” while in May the brand will focus on living “Better with Clarity” during Mental Health Awareness Month with tips, education campaigns, and activations on how to eat, feel and live better. 

“A primary objective of the ‘Better with Nekter’ campaign is to educate guests on what sets Nekter apart, from our cashew milk made fresh daily in-house to using only whole, clean and better-for-you ingredients across our entire menu – something we’ve done since day one,” says Jon Asher, CMO, Nekter Juice Bar. “With this initiative, we want to inspire changes that support healthier lifestyles – for the industry, for guests, and for life. As the world becomes increasingly wary of artificial flavors, highly processed ingredients and fillers, Nekter truly is the better option.”

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