Sustainable Foodservice Consulting launched an online resource center for foodservice owners and operators interested in adopting sustainable business practices. offers free information on energy efficient kitchen equipment, green cleaning products, food waste management, rebates and tax incentives, disposable products, water efficiency, and energy efficiency. The Web site provides tools such as energy calculators, energy tracking spreadsheets, and other downloadable forms and checklists to help businesses implement sustainable practices.

Paul Kuck, owner and founder of Sustainable Foodservice Consulting, conceived the idea for the Web site after struggling to find information on sustainable goods and practices while opening a restaurant. Kuck explains, “There are many resources and products available today, but much of the information is scattered across the Internet.”

Using his 16 years of experience as a foodservice operator, Kuck compiled information into a central Web site intended to assist the foodservice industry in addressing unsustainable business practices.

One example of these unsustainable business practices is energy consumption. Foodservice is the most energy intensive industry in the entire commercial sector. Per square foot, foodservice establishments consume nearly 2.5 times more energy than the average commercial business.

“Foodservice operations run on a small margin. For this reason and many others, it’s time for the foodservice industry to adopt more sustainable business practices. Wasteful consumption is not only environmentally unsound, but also financially unfavorable,” Kuck notes.

“Really, it comes down to good business. You can trim waste and improve efficiency while still putting out a good product.”

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