Building on its extensive line of energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps, Bulbrite introduced the Amalgam CFL Triple 4-Pin family featuring improved Amalgam technology to perform better in higher temperature applications. Bulbrite is a leading supplier of innovative, energy-efficient light source solutions and the premier educational resource for lamping technology.

The new Amalgam CFL Triple 4-Pin family was engineered with enhanced Amalgam technology, a mercury alloy, and an upgraded replacement for traditional liquid and pellet-dosed mercury. Amalgam provides better mercury vapor control in the lamp, which results in better overall performance. The new pin-based CFLs deliver a wide operating temperature range of up to 110° C, a universal burn with a stable light output, and a low amount of mercury. This application of Amalgam technology significantly reduces start-up time, which is a common problem often associated with other Amalgam-based products.

Designed to fit into recessed downlights, ceiling fixtures, and wall sconces for residential, hospitality, industrial, retail, and commercial applications, the Amalgam Pin-based CFLs are designed with 4-pin electrical connections and can be used with dimmable electronic ballasts. The minimum starting temperature is 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

The CFL Triple 4-Pin series features five styles: an 18-watt CFL with a 1,200 lumen output; a 26-watt CFL delivering 1800 lumens; a 32-watt CFL with a 2400 lumen output; a 42-watt CFL delivering 3,200 lumens; and a 57-watt CFL with a 4,300 lumen output.

All are T4 bulb types with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 82. Each style is available in three different color temperatures: warm 3000K, neutral 3500K, and cool 4100K. Long-lasting pin-based CFLs offer an average life of 10,000 hours.

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