Kettle Brand is introducing Sea Salt & Vinegar Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips this January.

A splash of bold and tangy vinegar with a sprinkle of sea salt delivers a boatload of all natural flavor, just like the original variety of all natural Kettle Brand Potato Chips, except they have 65 percent less fat than regular potato chips and only 120 calories per serving.

Kettle Brand Baked Potato Chips are the only baked potato chips made from whole slices of potatoes for hearty crunch and real potato flavor, just a spritz of healthy oil and all natural seasonings.

The new Sea Salt & Vinegar flavor joins Aged White Cheddar, Hickory Honey Barbeque, and Lightly Salted, baked flavors formerly packaged as Kettle Brand Bakes. The redesigned line will be appearing on supermarket and natural food store shelves nationwide by January 2009 in 4 oz. bags for around $3.79.

The Kettle Brand has no trans fats, no MSG, no artificial colors or flavors, and no preservatives. Kettle Brand also uses only non-GMO ingredients and its potato chips are gluten free.