Steak Escape customers will soon have the option of ordering the chain’s cheesesteak in three sizes: small (six inches), regular (nine inches), or large (12 inches). They’ll also be able to try new menu items, including One Killer Salad. It’s all part of an enhanced menu that Steak Escape is rolling out with its franchisees.

The debut of the new menu follows eight months of product testing in several Steak Escape Restaurants. The restaurants with the new menus, as a whole, posted same-store sales that were 9 percent higher than the restaurants without the new menus.

“We’re giving customers more choices and more value with the new sandwich sizes,” says Dave Smith, vice president of operations for Steak Escape. “Previously, they had the choice of a seven- or 12-inch sandwich. We’re finding that many are choosing to go up to the nine-inch size. For those who choose the small size, we’re putting just as much meat, cheese, and vegetables as what used to go on the seven-inch sandwich, so in essence, we’re creating a sandwich that’s more full.”

The roll out of the new menu, which includes all new menuboard graphics as well, is expected to be complete by the end of May.

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