More “new” is coming to The New Miami Subs Grill. CEO Richard Chwatt, co-president Bernard Vogel, and director and equity partner Armando Christian Perez, aka Pitbull, announced today that the fast-casual franchise chainwill introduce a new brand extension, Miami Grill, which will open domestically and internationally. 

The strategic decision to introduce Miami Grill is part of the brand evolution taking shape at the corporation. Franchise area developers will have the opportunity to select between opening Miami Subs or Miami Grill brand restaurants. Miami Grill restaurants will serve the full brand menu, along with breakfast, beer, wine, and Dom Perignon champagne, a historically acclaimed offering for the franchise, recently reintroduced by Chwatt as part of the brand’s worldwide revival.

Both Miami Grill and the New Miami Subs Grill brand restaurants will continue to add new flavor profiles in an enhanced environment, both in in-line and freestanding restaurants.

“After 30 years of solely being identified as Miami Subs, we’re excited to finally introduce a new brand extension, Miami Grill,” Chwatt says. “For this new chapter in the history of our franchise, we want to convey to the public—both at home and overseas—that our menu and goals extend beyond subs and sandwiches. We feel Miami Grill captures that diversity and will be a welcome addition to our fans and prospective area developers.”

The announcement follows several recent brand developments, including international music sensation and entrepreneur Pitbull proclaiming his equity partnership in the brand, the introduction of new restaurants inspired aesthetically by the city of Miami, and plans for aggressive domestic and global expansion. International expansion deals include Guyana, New Zealand, Malaysia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. Domestically, The New Miami Subs Grill recently announced plans for additional new restaurants in South Florida, Hawaii, and Dallas. All of the new restaurants will launch as Miami Grill. Additionally, Oh! Miami Grill brand extensions are in the works for large venue footprints, featuring full bar and grill environments and a more bistro-style concept.

“The collaboration of Pitbull and The New Miami Subs Grill is about two Miami brands coming together and enhancing the customer experience by connecting great music with great food in a great atmosphere,” Pitbull says. 

The New Miami Subs Grill franchise chain has been on an uptick since Chwatt’s new ownership and appointed management team took effect in 2010, achieving record-breaking sales comparisons store by store, year over year. Chwatt attributes this to the franchise’s focus on revitalizing the brand through renovation, relocation, and a commitment to terminating existing locations that don't fall in line with projected growth plans.

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Design, Fast Casual, Growth, News, Restaurant Operations, Sandwiches, New Miami Subs Grill