Revention recently announced the release of its most advanced enterprise management solution to date, Revention Vantage.

Vantage seamlessly integrates not only with Revention’s POS solution, but also with other POS solutions and all accounting and payroll systems, providing a complete reporting and business-management solution that offers the flexibility to increase feature usage in accordance with each customer’s business plan.

Vantage is completely customizable. The robust reporting module allows users simply to drag and drop to design reports in seconds, giving Vantage an edge over other management solutions. Customizable daily sales, labor, guest tracking, per-person-average, product mix reports, and a real-time, robust dashboard allow users to quickly examine and address areas of success and challenges.

Vantage enables store-level or above-store users to manage store menu updates and maintain coupons with ease according to the organization’s existing hierarchy. Customizable auditing features are available that notify managers or operators when store data falls outside of pre-defined thresholds. Other exciting functionality includes inventory maintenance, “borrowed employees” tracking, and minor labor laws compliance features.

Revention CEO Jeff Doyle says, “When we decided to take our enterprise reporting solution to the next level, our search led us to Vantage. The combination of Vantage and the Revention POS solution will give our customers a competitive edge, allowing them to monitor all aspects of their businesses. Data obtained from Vantage can then be used to increase efficiency, cut costs, increase profits, and much, much more.”