Newk’s Express Café today announced plans to use the PeopleMatter Platform to streamline its HR processes. Corporate-owned locations of Newk’s Express will implement PeopleMatter HIRE and PeopleMatter LEARN to manage all of their people, processes, and paperwork online in one place.

“With our experience leading and growing Newk’s Express Cafe, we recognize that our employees are an investment and a key asset in each location,” says Mike Gillespie, director of oerformance, development, and culture with Newk’s. “We are excited about using PeopleMatter solutions to help identify and develop employees who support the growth and success of Newk’s Express Cafe.”

Newk’s strives to meet the current needs of customers, as well as anticipate any future needs as an express casual dining experience. As a part of the fastest-growing segment in the restaurant industry, Newk’s is expanding and works to hire applicants who fit with the company’s culture and values.

“Prior to partnering with PeopleMatter, we used a combination of moving parts for all our HR processes, from paper to third party point solutions,” Gillespie says. “Having a system in place that streamlines everything from beginning to end will help our managers track the processes as well as make targeted hiring decisions.”

PeopleMatter’s integrated HR tools allow owners and managers to save time, ensure compliance, and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

HIRE organizes, tracks, and processes applicants and new hires online, including background checks, assessments, and employee verification. It also easily integrates with other systems, such as payroll and time and attendance. 

LEARN provides Newk’s with the tools to extend training programs that develop skilled, passionate team members using online and social tools. The software allows managers to assign customized training and testing based on location or position. The types of location-based course assignments are ideal for multi-unit franchises, which target training needs and track progress online.

“Newk’s Express Café is positioned to show extensive growth and success in the fast casual industry,” sats Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter president and chief executive officer. “The PeopleMatter Platform will streamline their HR processes and simplify their expansions, while maintaining Newk’s brand quality and emphasis on customer service.”

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