Newk’s Eatery is spicing things up in the kitchen in 2023 with four hot, menu items for a limited time to join its lineup of feel-good comforts.

Starting now, fans of the popular neighborhood-centric restaurant can get a taste of new flavors that come with a kick:

  • Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich — All-natural chicken with hot sauce, bacon, cheddar, Newk’s Hot Honey, mayo, and red chili flakes on Parisian bread.
  • Hot Honey Italian Pizza — Pepperoni, salami, chili oil, mozzarella, and pizza sauce, topped with pepperoncini, red chili flakes and Newk’s Hot Honey.
  • Spicy Jalapeño Ranch Salad — Romaine blend, grape tomatoes, carrots, and green onions, tossed in house-made Spicy Jalapeño Cilantro Ranch dressing, topped with seasoned black beans, avocado, cheddar, Spicy Jalapeño Cilantro Ranch, and all-natural chicken, and garnished with crispy tortilla strips.
  • Spicy BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad — Romaine blend, grape tomatoes, black beans, corn, avocado, and cheddar, tossed with house-made Spicy Jalapeño BBQ Ranch dressing and topped with warm Spicy Jalapeño BBQ all-natural chicken.


“We’re excited to finally bring the hot honey flavor profile to Newk’s and create an even more craveable chicken sandwich and pepperoni pizza,” says Senior VP of Guest Experience Denise Pedini. “Plus, we’re bringing back a fan favorite, the Spicy Jalapeño Ranch Salad, which has been highly requested systemwide across our social media platforms. Finally, we’re giving our guests a new, unique menu item with the Spicy BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad, which entails our Newk’s chicken infused with spicy BBQ sauce topped warm on a fresh green ranch salad. These hot and spicy recipes are irresistible and will bring our guests coming back for more.”

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