As one of America’s most passionate and recognized athletes for his work on and off the field, NFL star Troy Polamalu signed on today to act as a business advisor and lifestyle advocate of LYFE Kitchen in Palo Alto, as well as a member of its Wellness and Health Panel. Polamalu visited LYFE Kitchen on Friday to taste the great tasting, good-for-you food, meet fans, and more.

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In addition to being a Super Bowl champion, seven-time Pro Bowler, and 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Troy Polamalu is also a dedicated philanthropist of The Troy & Theodora Polamalu Foundation and the Harry Panos Fund, an organization to supports veterans, as well as a socially responsible voice in the NFL community.

Polamalu’s decision to partner with LYFE Kitchen stems from his commitment to his personal values. He had approached the idea of opening his own restaurant in the past, but instead pursued a partnership with LYFE Kitchen after learning how closely the “lyfestyle” brand’s values and vision aligned with his own.

“I’m very excited and pleased to announce my partnership with LYFE Kitchen, and strongly support their dedication to great tasting, good-for-you food that is both affordable and convenient for active families,” Polamalu says. “It’s a fast-paced world that we live in, but I feel LYFE Kitchen offers practical solution for all to live a healthy lifestyle every day. I also completely support their values of commitment to sustainable practices and the local community.”

Values of LYFE Kitchen:

Opening its first restaurant in Palo Alto in October of last year, LYFE Kitchen and Troy Polamalu’s aligned value system supports:

  • Commitment to great taste – allowing all to ‘Love Your Food Everyday’ with great tasting, good-for-you food that is convenient and affordable
  • Sustainability first – supporting policies ranging from environmental design of the restaurant to the support of local farmers in sourcing
  • “Sixth Sense”—an intrinsic desire to do right and inspire good in the world and the community by giving back with philanthropic and charitable support from LYFE Kitchen’s proceeds
  • Fuel for active lifestyles– striving to provide inspirational fuel for the mind and soul for guests’ busy, active lifestyles


“Troy has a passion and commitment to supporting initiatives bigger than himself–from his commitments to charity to his own socially responsible values,” says CEO Mike Roberts. “We believe that with the help of talented ambassadors and leaders like Troy Polamalu, LYFE Kitchen can help provide great advice for all consumers on active, healthy lifestyles. Troy has already given us several great ideas as to how we can more effectively reach our vision.”

Wellness and Health Panel:

As a member of the Wellness and Health Panel, Troy Polamalu will lend his voice and recommendations on the importance of wellness and health in today’s food choices. He will:

  • Provide advice to the LYFE Kitchen management team on issues related to fitness and nutrition to ensure great taste with preventative wellness
  • Actively seek out trends in health and wellness and share those trends and recommendations with LYFE Kitchen and the public
  • Identify strategic partners for LYFE Kitchen on issues relating to childhood health and wellness
  • Continue the dialogue online by offering lifestyle and exercise tips rigorously on the LYFE Kitchen website, Facebook, and Twitter platforms


“We value the myriad voices in the health and wellness community today, and we will always strive to learn from their insights and experiences, says Founder Steve Sidwell. “We are incredibly excited to learn from Troy Polamalu and to welcome him to the LYFE Kitchen family.”

With a menu created by award-winning Chefs Art Smith and Tal Ronnen, LYFE Kitchen—an acronym for “Love Your Food Everyday”—offers natural, preservative- and additive-free foods that are enhanced with spices, herbs, and other natural ingredients. No dish contains more than 600 calories, and most offer fewer.

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