The National Restaurant Association (NRA) issued a statement of support for bipartisan legislation introduced by House Ways & Means Committee Members Aaron Schock and  Charles Rangel,  that would permanently extend the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), which makes permanent a federal income tax incentive for employers like restaurants that hire veterans, teenagers and young workers, and others facing employment challenges.

"We thank Congressman Schock and Chairman Rangel for introducing H.R. 5264 which would make the Work Opportunity Tax Credit permanent,” said Scott DeFife, NRA’s executive vice president of policy and government affairs. “As the nation’s largest private sector employer and an industry of small business and large companies, the restaurant industry is creating jobs for millions of Americans, whether it's their first job or life-long career, in communities across the country. This legislation will help restaurateurs nationwide continue to provide opportunity and pathways to success for individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels looking to enter the foodservice industry. Good longstanding bipartisan tax policies like WOTC allow the restaurant industry to hire categories of workers such as veterans and those receiving federal assistance, who have traditionally faced challenges when attempting to enter the workplace."