The National Restaurant Association (NRA) this week launched, a website developed uniquely for consumers by leading restaurant-industry experts.

The information on the site brings the same high food safety standards of the NRA’s ServSafe program for foodservice professionals to home kitchens. The site’s resources are designed to be easy for the whole family to use and understand, and help prevent foodborne illness and food allergic reactions at home.

The ServSafe Home Food Safety website includes information, videos, and downloadable resources with important information on food allergies and how to avoid cross-contact in the kitchen.  

The site also includes tips for teaching children about basic food safety, including proper hand washing, and a blog where the Home Food Safety Team (a group of parents, singles, and industry experts) share tips and best practices.

“The trust and expertise our ServSafe Food Safety program brings to the foodservice workplace is now available for families across America,” says Paul Hineman, executive vice president of the NRA.

The restaurant industry leader for nearly 40 years, ServSafe continues to evolve with innovative changes that make food safety easier to learn and retain.

Because the ServSafe program is developed by the NRA rather than a private enterprise, proceeds go toward helping improve the foodservice industry through research and education.

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