Order-Matic, provider of sales, marketing, and communications products to the quick-service restaurant sector, is collaborating with U.K. wireless communications specialist Quail Digital. 

Order-Matic will offer a comprehensive wireless communications system including Quail Digital’s new, Q-Pro5 lightweight wireless headset, plus lane timers, speaker posts, menuboards, and more.

The streamlined Q-Pro5 all-in-one, drive-thru system weighs just 3.5 ounces (30 percent less than its nearest competitor), giving comfort and ease to users.

It comes configured for single or dual lane drive thrus from one base station. Headsets can operate completely hands-free, affording order taker and crew full mobility and productivity; it also has a sleep mode that saves battery capacity when the headset is not in use.

"My crew loves the new Quail digital system,” says James Smith, Chicken Express managing partner. “The lightweight headsets are easy to use and the quality of the audio greatly increases order accuracy.”

The Quail Digital system uses a duplex platform combined with noise and echo cancelling technology to maximize sound quality for both customer and order taker. Recent research by acoustic testing laboratory Orfield verified the Q-Pro5’s superior acoustic quality. 

Order-Matic first became aware of Quail Digital some 18 months ago. 

“We were looking for a wireless communication system to integrate with our multi-point communication system,” says Dennis Cather, national sales director, Order-Matic Corporation. “We have recently launched the collaboration, and I must say our experience with Quail Digital has been very positive. Our customers appreciate the quality of the sound, ease of use, and performance of the system.”

Order-Matic will sell the Q-Pro5 system nationwide via its direct sales and regional field representatives. The sales activity will be supported by trade show presence and e-mail campaigns. 

“We are looking at every opportunity to sell the Quail system,” Cather says.

The company, which celebrates its 57th anniversary in business in 2012, has service agreements in place for more than 2,000 quick-service restaurant sites. It works with brands such as Subway, Bush's Chicken, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and A&W. Order-Matic clients Sonic, Popeyes, and Chicken Express are already using Quail Digital’s Q-Pro5 system.

“We’re delighted to be working with such a well-established organization as Order-Matic,” says Quail Digital CEO Tom Downes. “They have an excellent reputation and high profile clients, some of whom are already reaping the benefits of our lightweight, efficient communication system.”

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