As online food delivery services (UberEats, GrubHub, etc.) start to become second nature for how customers order food, restaurants have been inundated with a growing problem of having to manage all the different tablets each food delivery partner provides. OrderOut has found a solution to the operational issues that ensue with each added tablet and the manpower needed to operate it all.

OrderOut integrates food delivery platforms, such as GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash, directly to a restaurant’s Point of Sale (POS) system. OrderOut saves restaurants time, money, and operational headaches by getting rid of the food delivery tablets and enabling an instant merge of data directly to the POS. Restaurants no longer need to worry about paying new staff, potential mistakes, or efficiency issues with the kitchen just because they have an online food delivery partner.

Because OrderOut is a pure software solution (SaaS), it is able to onboard restaurants with their service in just minutes.

“We saw a big problem in the restaurant industry where restaurants have to manage multiple food-delivery tablets from third-party online food delivery services. We wanted to fix that. We can appreciate what the food delivery services do for the restaurants but once the restaurants become overwhelmed with the tablets and with there being no standard POS integrations, that’s when the issues arise—not to mention, most restaurants hire a separate employee dedicated just to managing the tablets.

“Thus, we’re able to save restaurants money, time and the basic human interaction that is needed, which eventually limits mistakes and makes the entire restaurant more efficient. The beauty of our platform also lies in the analytics, where restaurants are able to get a full report of what menu items from what providers are selling the best, and when. We’ve really created a full solution to the current problem that so many restaurants are experiencing today and will be experiencing in the future as third-party food delivery becomes more and more popular.” – Zack Martin, CEO, OrderOut.

OrderOut already has integrations with some of the largest POS systems, as well as the most prominent food delivery services. As they scale, OrderOut has plans to cover the entire market from a POS and food delivery standpoint. OrderOut’s hopes are to improve restaurant’s operational efficiency and ultimately save them time and money, so they can go back to focusing on what they do best: making food for their customers (and hopefully more money).