Pacific Coast Hospitality (PCH) has launched its new service, providing specialized recruiting and job placement services for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

PCH connects top restaurants with top talent for hospitality management and executive positions, including: corporate leadership, multiunit manager, general manager, bar manager, service manager, chef, and sous chef.

With a focus on California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, and British Columbia, PCH brings deep industry connections, access to highly skilled people outside of typical recruiting channels, and an awareness of the unique restaurant trends across the West, to provide both hiring managers and job seekers with local, personalized service.

For the past 35 years, the PCH team has gained experience at all levels of the restaurant industry in the region, developing a network of resources throughout the West.

This gives PCH unique access to top working professionals who are open to new opportunities and provides PCH with information on unpublished and confidential management openings.

This combination of regional expertise and connections sets PCH apart from other hospitality search and placement firms that primarily operate from east of the Mississippi, with little or no actual presence in the Pacific Coast hospitality marketplace.

“We are excited to launch our service here because we are passionate believers in local and we serve the market we know best: the western U.S. and British Columbia,” says Greg Knudsen, CEO and founder of Pacific Coast Hospitality.

“We’ve worked and lived here for 35 years. We know the trends, we know where the openings are, and we know how to find good people who care,” he adds. “We’ve worked for and led some of the industry’s top guest service providers, and our passion for exceptional guest service infuses our company.”

Having honed its management and personnel skills in the hospitality industry, PCH team members know the unique challenges restaurants face in finding and hiring top-notch talent.

They also understand that people who build their businesses on quality, service, and hospitality require the same of their business partners. PCH focuses on building long-term relationships with clients, working closely with them to understand how their businesses work and how people succeed there.

PCH then connects clients with leading hospitality management and restaurant professionals, who are selected and screened to ensure that they not only have the required skills, but also the right temperament to succeed in that unique company culture.

“The restaurant business is about people and relationships,” says Robert MacLellan, former chairman and cofounder of Pacific Coast Restaurants. “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Greg Knudsen for over 20 years, and he really knows the industry and its people.”

For job seekers, PCH focuses on building strong, long-term relationships that enable the placement team to understand not only the job seeker’s skill set, but also his or her unique personality traits, aptitudes, and optimal work environments.

In this way, PCH helps both experienced restaurant industry professionals and “diamonds in the rough,” who have strong, transferable management skills to find outstanding career opportunities with top companies in positions that set them up for success.

PCH has a knowledge of current employment laws and procedures, business operations, and ethics and is NAPS certified, adhering to the NAPS Standards of Ethical Practices. NAPS is recognized as the staffing industry’s highest standard for professionalism and the public’s assurance of quality service.

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