Panasonic announces that the Attune drive-thru communications system is now certified by CKE Restaurants Inc. for use in Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s across the nation. Panasonic’s Attune has met the rigorous certification standards set forth by CKE and is now available for franchisees to purchase. Attune enhances customer satisfaction through improved speed of service and order accuracy in the drive-thru.

“At CKE, we look for drive-thru solutions that enable clear communication between employees and customers without interference,” says Tom Lindblom, chief technology officer, CKE Restaurants Inc. “Based on our relationship with Panasonic as an approved vendor and the testing of the Attune, we feel confident it will provide our restaurants reliable and quality wireless headsets to deliver the best drive-thru experience for customers.” 
Attune operates on the restricted 1.9 GHz band with DECT voice technology for clear, reliable, interference-free communication. It is available in two models, all-in-one (AIO) and belt pack, both engineered for durability in rigorous quick-service restaurant environments. The AIO headset is the most rugged headband in the industry, allowing for 360 degrees of bending without breakage. The reliability of Attune saves Panasonic customers thousands of dollars in repair costs over the life of the headset.
Panasonic’s Stingray Envo POS workstation (JS-960) is also certified by CKE Restaurants and available to purchase through authorized Panasonic dealers.
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