Pancheros Mexican Grill is excited to announce five development agreements, adding 39 locations, including its first commitments on the West Coast.

The quick-serve, fresh Mexican restaurant has more than 50 locations in 17 states. The new commitments will open restaurants in three new states including California, Nevada, Oregon, and additional units in Minnesota. Pancheros now has a total of more than 85 commitments.

“With franchise sales in a high state of growth, we are anticipating only more developments over the next several years,” says Rodney L. Anderson, founder and president of Pancheros. “We currently have agreements for over 85 locations, which are slated to begin opening in fall of 2013. The significant growth we have achieved is only a further testament to the remarkable group of developers and franchisees that are equally as passionate about expanding our brand name as we are.”

The Genesis Group, Ltd. will be opening 16 units in Nevada. The group is excited to explore the Mexican food market and to introduce Nevada to Pancheros’ simple, but delicious cuisine.

“Our mission is to provide a fun atmosphere for our customers, serving them only the highest quality of burritos, quesadillas, tacos, burrito bowls, and salads,” says Scott Miller, managing partner of Genesis Group, Ltd.

The five-unit development agreement in Orange County, California, is being carried out by a multi-unit restaurant operator, whose family has been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years.

The franchisee was drawn to Pancheros for many reasons. “When we first found out about Pancheros, we were immediately convinced that this was a great concept. The warm atmosphere, the fresh tortilla, and the vision and direction was what made us decide to bring this concept and share it with Southern California,” the operator syas.

Along with the locations in Orange County, another food operator will be bringing Pancheros to Northern California, opening 10 units in San Jose.

With more than 25 years of restaurant experience, D&D Minnesota Restaurant Group, Inc. will open two new locations in Rochester and Mankato, Minnesota. Partners Don Ryan and Dave Tallett are excited to be able to bring other Pancheros locations to the Minnesota area.

“We were attracted to Pancheros as not only do they have a strong corporate structure in place, but also have proven to be a great franchise organization to be a part of,” Ryan says. “We strongly believe in the product Pancheros offers and are thrilled to bring this concept to other areas throughout Minnesota.”

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Growth, News, Pancheros Mexican Grill