As summer speeds ahead over 40 percent of us are heading back to the office and are readjusting to our old routines – from in-person meetings, to working in real clothes and most importantly, grabbing your morning commute coffee.

Panera Bread found that after a year of many of us working from home without in-person office interaction nearly 20 percent anticipate feeling socially awkward upon their return to the office. Many have forgotten how to act when no longer behind a Zoom camera or drop that watercooler conversation and of course managing your time again in an office setting. That is why Panera is launching “IRL Reminder” coffee sleeves – with friendly reminders of what is typically deemed as standard office behavior.

Starting on June 21, your Panera coffee will come with coffee sleeves giving you tips like:

“Put on pants – coffee dates aren’t waist-up anymore”

“You can’t go ‘off cam’ to clean bread crumbs off your face anymore”

“Your boss can see you’re late because of this coffee”

And because Panera knows how important your morning commute coffee is, they are offering 3 months free when you sign up for the Panera coffee subscription, for just $8.99 a month, you can get unlimited coffee via MyPanera+.

The IRL Reminder coffee sleeves will be complimentary with Panera coffee orders at participating cafes in select markets (New York, LA and Chicago) for a limited time starting June 21.

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