Restaurant loyalty technology expert, Paytronix, partnered with its client Papa Gino’s / D’Angelo and Open-i Media to present at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show (

John Eagles, Papa Gino’s / D’Angelo’s director of program management office, will share his story about how the Papa Gino’s team launched the dual concepts’ rewards program in December of 2009. “After more than a year under our belts, we see that the program has resulted in a 35 percent increase in member visits,” Eagles says.
In the presentation, Eagles will demonstrate how Papa Gino’s changed from employing “hope-based planning to data-based planning.”
“Our Rewards program took us out of the guessing game and put us in the fact-based game," Eagles says. "And, there’s no going back. We know about every offer we send and how effective those offers will be. That eliminates the guessing. We know we’re turning the correct dials.”
The 370-unit, New England-based pizza and sandwich chain will be on the Technology Pavilion stage along with its technology partner, Paytronix, and its consumer marketing consultant, Open-i to present: “The Secret Sauce Behind Identifying Papa Gino’s / D’Angelo’s Most Profitable Guests” in Chicago at the 2011 NRA Show.
The trio, John Eagles, Andrew Robbins, Paytronix president, and Dana Story, Open-i Media consultant, have prepared an intriguing exploration of the impact the Papa Gino’s Rewards program has had on the chain’s sales that will make all restaurateurs wonder why they haven’t launched their own loyalty program.
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