Shelly Crocker, LLC as General Receiver for P.J. Sound Pizza, LLC and Papa Washington, LLC, has retained National Franchise Sales (NFS), a leading franchise business brokerage company, to sell 19 franchised Papa John’s restaurants in Western Washington State.

The sale will be conducted in connection with the Receivership of P.J. Sound Pizza, LLC and Papa Washington, LLC.  Live Auction to be held in the Seattle-Tacoma area Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Information for prospective bidders, including upcoming deadlines for pre-approvals necessary to attend the auction, is available through National Franchise Sales.

The National Franchise Sales team consists of Asset Recovery Specialist Alan Gallup, NFS Vice President Michael Ingram, National Franchise Sales Advisor Barry Burke and Project Coordinator Alana McGinnis. NFS has assisted in the asset recovery process for Lenders, Receivers, and Bankruptcies of several national brands, and has been assisting franchisees and franchisors in sale of their businesses since 1978.

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