ParTech announced that A&W Restaurants has chosen PAR Data Central’s for Enterprise Reporting and Analytics, setting a new standard for data-driven decision-making and operational efficiency in the restaurant industry.  

In a move that highlights A&W’s commitment to technological advancement and operational excellence, the renowned restaurant chain known for its signature root beer and classic American fare has embraced PAR Data Central’s powerful reporting engine. This transformative collaboration underscores A&W’s dedication to leveraging cutting-edge solutions to drive growth and innovation across its organization.

“A&W has grown to need an extra layer of insights across the organization that is maintenance-free, reliable, accurate, and fast,” says Brett Allan, Senior Director of IT and Analytics at A&W Restaurants. “PAR Data Central’s Enterprise Reporting & Analytics module allows us to get a high-level picture for our Restaurant Support Center to understand what factors are driving the business.”

This milestone also highlights A&W’s role as a valued customer of both PAR Brink POS® and PAR Data Central, illustrating their embrace of the Operator Cloud concept. By seamlessly integrating these solutions, A&W maximizes operational efficiency and gains actionable insights into key metrics, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Betsy Schmandt, president and Chief Operating Officer of A&W Restaurants, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “With Data Central, we are equipped to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation based on robust, data-driven insights. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing our teams with the most advanced tools available in the industry.”

 “We’re excited to expand our partnership with A&W with the addition of Data Central to Brink POS,” says Savneet Singh, CEO of PAR Technology. “Leveraging these products will drive insights at A&W with our better together strategy.”

With PAR Data Central, A&W Restaurants is poised to drive informed decision-making, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences, solidifying their position as a leader in the restaurant industry.

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