P.B.Loco® Gourmet Flavored Peanut
Butters and The Cereal Bowl are teaming up to create an exciting
co-branded café concept featuring two of America’s favorite foods:
cereal and peanut butter. The first café featuring the two brands will
debut in Miami this spring. Specific terms of the transaction were not

As part of the new joint effort, P.B.Loco will relocate its flagship
location from Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, to the new
Miami co-branded café. P.B.Loco’s Mall of America location will close
at the end of this month as part of the move of its flagship location to
Miami. The joint venture does not affect P.B.Loco’s wholesale or retail
business, and P.B.Loco’s headquarters will remain in the Twin Cities.

P.B.Loco’s menu is built around peanut butter, one of America’s beloved
staple foods. Much more than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,
however, P.B.Loco features about a dozen proprietary flavored peanut
butters, such as Raspberry White Chocolate, Jungle Banana, and Asian
Curry Spice. P.B.Loco’s cafés feature the flavored peanut butters in a
variety of menu offerings, such as sweet and savory sandwiches,
P.B.Chill smoothies, snacks, salads, and breakfast items.

Likewise, The Cereal Bowl features another of America’s favorite foods.
Like P.B.Loco, The Cereal Bowl takes a popular food item to a new level.
The Cereal Bowl features over 30 cereals and 50 toppings. The café
offers both Cold Cereal Bowls and Hot Bowls’. Customers also can choose
to make their own concoction, called the Create-A-Bowl. As part of its
Beyond the Bowl’ category, The Cereal Bowl also offers proprietary
oatmeal smoothies known as Oaties’ as well as cereal shakes, bars and

In the new joint venture, The Cereal Bowl will take charge of operating
the co-branded concept and selling franchises. The Cereal Bowl will
continue to operate out of its Miami headquarters. P.B.Loco will focus
its efforts on continuing to build its brand on a national scope while
developing new and unique flavors of peanut butter for the P.B.Loco/The
Cereal Bowl cafés and for its existing franchised P.B.Loco
Peanutbutterlicious Cafés.

“After looking at several different brands with whom to partner, we’re
thrilled to be joining with The Cereal Bowl to offer this co-branded
café concept,” said Ken Hall, one of P.B.Loco’s principals and
cofounders. “The two concepts’ cafés are extremely complementary,
drawing customers during different parts of the day and offering our
guests a wide variety of options from our respective two core

“P.B.Loco is a perfect fit to The Cereal Bowl experience,” said Michael
Glassman, Chief Operating Officer for The Cereal Bowl. “Both companies
have put an exciting new twist on their respective product lines that
makes for a unique destination for customers.”

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