What makes Pei Wei’s Wei Better Orange Chicken “Wei Better?” For starters, it’s made with fresh, house-cut, all-white-meat chicken that’s never been frozen.

Panda Express’ orange chicken recipe uses frozen, processed dark meat chunks.

That important difference is the subject of Pei Wei’s latest television spot, “It’s Cold,” which hits the airwaves nationwide on September 24.

Created by Los Angeles-based Siltanen & Partners (S&P), the ad reinforces the superior quality of Wei Better Orange Chicken in a humorous and provocative way. The campaign stars Pei Wei’s sharp-tongued spokes-animal, Tiger, and his hapless pal, Panda.

“We’re turning the tiger character into a famous icon for Pei Wei and we’re having a fun time playing up the relationship between ‘Tiger’ and his buddy ‘Panda,’” says Rob Siltanen, founder of Siltanen & Partners. “We love how this spot turned out. It’s an entertaining way of clearly showing the superior quality of Wei Better Orange Chicken, while getting the audience to smile in the process.”

“We’re poking the other guys not just because they’re the 800-pound Panda in the room, but because we truly believe that people deserve to know what they’re eating,” says Pei Wei Chief Marketing Officer Brandon Solano. “Our Wei Better Orange Chicken is delicious, made to order every time and we only use quality ingredients – including real oranges and fresh chicken that’s never been frozen – for an amazing taste. And we’re inviting our guests, and Panda’s, to come taste the fresh difference.”

Wei Better Orange Chicken is an original recipe created by Pei Wei’s culinary team and was introduced in March 2018. The dish is made-to-order with always fresh, not frozen, house-cut and battered crispy tempura white-meat chicken, wok-seared in orange sauce and tossed with freshly sliced oranges.

And it’s just $5 for a small and $7 for a regular entrée. Its tasty sidekick, Wei Veggie Orange Chicken, featuring a fresh, house-cut vegetable medley, is $6 for a small and $8 for a regular.

To view the ad, click here: Peiwei.com/orangechicken.


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