Pei Wei has taken its celebrated Wei Better Orange Chicken to the next level with the debut of its all-new Wei Veggie Orange Chicken.

For just $6, Asian food lovers can now enjoy their favorite Wei Better Orange Chicken dish with an added bonus—fresh house-cut veggies. A flavor combination that is sure to satisfy.

“Guests are loving our Wei Better Orange Chicken so much that we’ve added an option with vegetables,” says Cassie Cooper, Pei Wei’s Sr. Brand Manager. “Its aromatic, bold and fresh orange flavors are apparent with every bite and now it has house-cut vegetables enhancing the freshness and showcasing diversified color! With these unique characteristics, Wei Veggie Orange Chicken does not only enhance customization options and add bold flavor, it is also a brilliant work of art, all offered at a price that guests will love.”

Each Wei Veggie Orange Chicken dish, like the original Wei Better Orange Chicken, is made-to-order with always fresh house-cut and battered crispy tempura white-meat chicken. It’s tossed with fresh, crisp vegetables that are brought in whole and house-cut daily—carrots, snap peas, onions, and red peppers. All ingredients are wok-seared in orange sauce and tossed with freshly sliced oranges.

Not only is this craveable dish freshly made using real ingredients, it is value-priced at just $6—for the regular or small size! That’s a lot of flavor at a Wei Better price!

The launch of Wei Veggie Orange Chicken adds to the excitement of the competitive advertising campaign that Pei Wei released in March featuring its newly introduced Tiger mascot and hapless friend, the Panda.

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