Penn Station East Coast Subs has announced a formal partnership with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network (NDSAN), which will be generously supported by Penn Station, Inc. moving forward. Penn Station’s support allows the NDSAN to provide information, resources and support to expectant, new and adoptive families across the country. 

“Our founder, Jeff Osterfeld, has personally donated to the Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati for more than 20 years and the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network for almost a decade, and it has become Penn Station’s charitable cause as well,” said Penn Station President Craig Dunaway. “Almost everyone knows someone affected by Down syndrome, and it is often a less publicized cause, so it has been a great fit for us. In addition to our annual roundup campaign for local Down syndrome organizations, Penn Station, Inc. will provide an annual donation to fund the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network. We are thrilled to make this partnership more official and commit to the donation every year.”

The NDSAN was founded in 1982 as a program of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati. Each year, the NDSAN is contacted by more than 75 expectant parents, who usually have received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child. The NDSAN provides a safe place for expectant parents to process their emotions related to their child’s diagnosis. Providing accurate, up-to-date information about Down syndrome is also very important, as many families know very little about Down syndrome. The NDSAN also connects expectant parents with other families who have chosen adoption and/or are parenting a child with Down syndrome.

“All of the services of the NDSAN are offered free to families,” said Stephanie Thompson, director of the NDSAN. “Therefore, the generosity of Penn Station is critical to fulfilling its mission and ensuring that children with Down syndrome have the opportunity to grow up in a loving family.”

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