McDonald’s customers in the Greater Philadelphia Region can now order the new Mac Snack Wrap, the latest addition to the Snack Wrap line.

Debuting for $1.49 (prices and participation may vary), the made-to-order Mac Snack Wrap consists of the same ingredients McDonald’s customers have come to expect in its classic Big Mac sandwich, including half of a quarter-pound, 100 percent beef patty, Big Mac special sauce, shredded lettuce, American cheese, sliced pickles, and chopped onions all wrapped in a flour tortilla.

“We know our customers in the Philadelphia Region love the classic taste of the Big Mac, and we can’t wait for them to try the new Mac Snack Wrap,” says Mike Anton, president of Phil-Ad-Mac Owner/Operator Association.

Introduced in 2006, McDonald’s portable Snack Wrap portfolio also includes a choice of grilled or crispy premium chicken breast meat, cheddar jack cheese, lettuce, and a choice of chipotle BBQ, sweet and tangy honey mustard, or ranch sauce.

To celebrate the launch of the Mac Snack Wrap, McDonald’s will host a two-hour “Old School versus New School Wrap It Up Celebration” on January 14 where a DJ from a local radio station will play old school classics and new school hits.

Guests can sample the Mac Snack Wrap while they cast their vote for their favorite music style, with a vote cast for “old school” earning a Big Mac coupon and a vote for “new school” earning a Mac Snack Wrap coupon. McDonald’s will also be collecting coats and blankets for the Salvation Army of Philadelphia as part of a larger promotion being held at stores throughout the Philadelphia Region to “wrap up winter.”

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