Technology has become an integral part of daily life for quick-service customers. The digital revolution has inspired many brands in the industry to adopt the motto “get behind it or get left behind.”

Frozen yogurt brand Pinkberry is no exception. The chain is preparing to roll out a revamped mobile app this month that lets users more easily manage their Pinkberry Pinkcard loyalty membership.  

“Honestly, the reason why we went digital was to engage our customer base more and communicate with them more about what was going on with the brand,” says Laura Jakobsen, senior vice president of design and marketing for Pinkberry. “We wanted to keep what we were launching at the top of their mind.”

After discovering that 85 percent of the customer base was iPhone users, Pinkberry’s marketing team began seeking a loyalty program that would engage this population.

“When we originally launched the program last October, we launched a card and mobile app at the same time,” Jakobsen says. “The mobile app is the center of our loyalty program, because we know how mobile savvy [Pinkberry customers] are, and we wanted to provide that convenience of tracking their loyalty at the tip of their hands rather than having to track the card.”

The new and improved version of the app that becomes available to iPhone users early this month—and then to Android users a few weeks later—includes a home screen “Rewards” button to make tracking and redeeming rewards easier. The Rewards section of the app allows guests to view their rewards visually by stacking fruit in a yogurt cup; when the bowl is filled with 10 pieces, the customer receives a free yogurt in the store.

There is also a new payment option with scan-to-pay technology. The feature allows customers to link their credit cards directly to the mobile app. Jakobsen says this feature is especially convenient because it saves customers the hassle of dipping into their bag to find multiple cards; instead, everything they need for the transaction is in one place on their phone.

Jakobsen believes Pinkberry’s mobile app is succeeding because of its simplicity, high utility, and customer service aspects. She says one of the most important app features is the customer feedback tab, which allows customers to communicate directly with Pinkberry administrators.

“We are not just transacting, we are engaging our customers by rewarding them and inviting them to have dialogue with us,” she says.

Jakobsen says this emphasis on customer service has allowed the brand to not only attract its target audience of 25–35 year olds, but also those in other categories. She says Pinkberry's distinct product, quality, customer service, and loyalty program have made the concept a “brand of all ages.”

By Marlee Murphy

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