Pinkberry is once again redefining yogurt experiences with the introduction of Pinkberrygreek, a fresh, not frozen, all-natural Greek yogurt.

Pinkberrygreek is rolling out in stores across the U.S. and will be available nationwide by April 1, 2013. 

With the addition of Pinkberrygreek to the menu, Pinkberry offers a handcrafted yogurt bar where consumers can discover and enjoy a variety of fresh and frozen yogurt experiences thoughtfully crafted with a dedication to quality. 

Consumers can enjoy Pinkberrygreek with wholesome toppings, blended into smoothies, or layered for a culinary twist on parfaits.

“Pinkberry has always believed in innovating from the core, which for us is yogurt,” says Ron Graves, CEO of Pinkberry. “We are excited to bring a delicious Greek yogurt with superior freshness and taste to the category, to help customers discover nutritious and delicious ways to snack with the goodness of yogurt.”

Pinkberrygreek fresh yogurt is a protein-rich snack; it is all-natural, nonfat yogurt with a clean finish and offers 15 grams of protein per 5 ounces, with no added sugar, thickeners, or preservatives.

Each batch of Pinkberrygreek can be traced back to cows that live on a sustainable farm; farm-fresh milk creates a signature silky-smooth yogurt.

Pinkberry created five signature recipes using fresh toppings to create yogurt experiences that are nutritious. Customers can also create their own snack to keep them going throughout the day.

The following sweet and savory Pinkberrygreek signature pairings are available in store:

  • Chocolate Berry: Blueberry, raspberry, dark chocolate granola, chocolate shavings, cinnamon honey
  • Strawberry Mango: Strawberry, mango, strawberry puree, toasted almonds, shaved coconut
  • Kiwi Strawberry: Kiwi, strawberry, mango, honey almond granola, vanilla agave nectar 
  • Tomato Basil: Grape tomato, fresh basil, olive oil, sea salt, balsamic glaze
  • Sunflower Cucumber: Cucumber, sunflower seed bites, olive oil, chili powder 
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