It’s finally happening—through a collaboration between the frozen yogurt shop Pinkberry and the delivery service Postmates, frozen yogurt is now available for delivery.

After years of optimizing its products for travel in the catering business, Pinkberry has become the first in its category to provide on-demand, made-to-order, delivery frozen yogurt—while still keeping the “fro” in the “yo.” While the program is presently only running in New York City and Los Angeles, the option to add delivery service has been extended to all Pinkberry franchisees.

The solution comes from just the right combination of two factors: timing and insulation. The Pinkberry team worked to define the exact travel distance to certain delivery areas—both with and without traffic—in order to set up acceptable delivery zones around each store. After packing the desert with ice, all that is needed is an insulated bag in the transport vehicle. In Postmates, Pinkberry found a partner that was able to accommodate these factors while providing a quality, customizable product. As an added bonus, Postmates couriers travel directly to the store and go through the line with the normal flow of business, simplifying operations and allowing for remote customer personalization.

 “To reach customers, coming to them is as important as getting them to the store,” says Pinkberry’s senior vice president of Marketing and Design, Laura Jakobsen. “And the delivery is still such a personal service experience that fits with our standards of customer service and high product quality and customization.”

By bringing speed and maintaining quality, Jakobsen says the new delivery program is a win-win for customers. In addition to individual orders, customers can also choose from pre-set party packages—such as the aptly named Chocolate Obsession—that serve up to 10 people. As long as all of the deserts are going to the same place, the delivery fee of $4.99 stays the same regardless of order size. 

To order, customers can visit Postmates on the web or via their Apple or Android phones. And yes, there is a section for special instructions. So yes, that means that one could technically instruct a Postmates courier to request artistic topping designs. No, it would not help simplify the process. 

By Emily Byrd

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