Panasonic, an industry leader in foodservice technology, announced that Pita Pit USA has selected Panasonic’s Stingray III, the company’s enterprise-grade POS terminal, for its 250-plus restaurants throughout the U.S. Earlier this year Pita Pit Inc., one of the fastest-growing fast-casual restaurant franchises in the country, began a POS hardware selection process to replace current equipment approaching the end of its lifecycle.

“POS hardware failures can have a severe impact on a franchise’s bottom line. Because of this, we created a criteria for our new POS solution focused on reliability, longevity, flexibility, and support,” says Mick Gray, Pita Pit director of IT Services. “The Panasonic Stingray III POS meets and exceeds this criteria, providing franchisees with a long-term investment that will deliver a high ROI and low TCO.”

The new Panasonic Stingray III is an enterprise-grade POS device featuring an all-in-one flexible, modular design, and is compatible with a variety of Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Stingray III’s versatile design features interchangeable touchscreens, allowing easy customization to meet individual retailer requirements with unlimited mounting options.

The Stingray III’s modular design and installation flexibility allows franchisees to easily mount the system regardless of a restaurant’s preexisting architecture. The increased modularity of the terminal also makes servicing and replacing parts a simpler process, allowing the workstation to be easily maintained, reducing total cost of ownership and increasing ROI.

“We required a solution that allowed us to modify how and where staff engage the POS in order to better serve our customers without any additional construction,” Gray says. “The Stingray III’s mounting flexibility enabled us to implement a new configuration: one POS terminal in the front of the restaurant for walk-ins and one in the back for catering pick up and payment. The Stingray III’s slim and sleek design frees up valuable countertop space, giving each restaurant a cleaner feeling.”

The rollout of Stingray IIIs has been managed by Restaurant Service Solutions (RSS), a nationwide provider of Panasonic quick service POS and technology solutions. RSS provides the hardware, staging, and installation services, and will also serve as a central point of contact for technical support. RSS will support franchisee legacy hardware as the transition to Stingray III continues in 2016.

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