Throughout its nearly 20-year history, Pita Pit has maintained its commitment to serving healthy alternatives to fast food by encouraging consumers to feel good about what they eat and offering better-for-you options. Through its work with Healthy Dining, a resource for nutritious dining and industry initiative, Pita Pit aims to provide consumers with simpler solutions and healthy choices when dining out. 

“We want to accommodate consumers who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but still enjoy the convenience of dining out,” says Peter Riggs, VP of brand promotion for Pita Pit. “Through our partnership with Healthy Dining, we are able to provide consumers the opportunity to customize their own pitas for their caloric needs.”

Endorsed by Healthy Dining, this year’s campaign allows guests to build their own pitas through three simple steps: pick a pita, choose five toppings, and select one preferred sauce.

“Our options are tailored specifically to the health-conscious individual who doesn’t want to sacrifice taste for calorie count,” Riggs says. “Our ample menu includes protein-heavy options as well as vegetarian options, and we’re thrilled to be able to provide dietitian-approved selections while maintaining fresh and refined options.” 

Other Pita Pit options included on the Healthy Dining’s website have all gone through a nutritional analysis conducted by Healthy Dining registered dieticians, which helps ensure every option has a good source of nutrients.

“By joining Healthy Dining, we’re able to better educate our customers about the numerous low-fat and low-calorie options that we have at Pita Pit,” Riggs says.


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