Pizza Hut announces a new collaboration hotter than a fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza: the Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set. Designed in partnership with Chain, the LA-based pop-up phenomenon behind the much talked about Hut Hat, this collaboration features two brand new spice blends and a limited-edition shaker inspired by Pizza Hut’s iconic lamps. For the first time ever, pizza-lovers can make any and every meal into a pizza party – now in shake-and-sprinkle form.

  • Pizza Hut’s ‘Make it Pepperoni’ Seasoning: The universally loved pizza topping, now as a delicious seasoning. Pizza Hut’s culinary masterminds have captured the beloved flavors of Pizza Hut’s signature pepperoni in this vegan seasoning blend. Now pepperoni lovers can bring that salty, spicy, tangy flavor to any and every dish: popcorn, pasta, veggies, avocado toast — even ice cream!
  • Chain’s ‘Everything Pizza Shake’: The days of having to reach for an assortment of seasoning shakers is over. Everything Pizza Shake combines all the wonderful flavors of the pizzeria — oregano, red pepper flake, parmesan — with Chain’s umami blend to save your wrist the multiple shakes. One shake of the Everything Pizza Shake, and the dish is pizza-perfect.

“We’re thrilled to serve up the ‘Seasoning Duet’ to our fans so they can enjoy the taste of Pizza Hut at home in a completely new way,” says Penny Shaheen, Head of Food Innovation at Pizza Hut US. “This seasoning duo brings the unmistakable taste of our pepperoni right to your kitchen — perfect for any pizza aficionado.” 

This collectible box set also includes the limited-edition ‘Hut Shaker’ — a custom designed retro-inspired pizzeria shaker that pays homage to the beloved Pizza Hut stained glass lamps — and can be used with either seasoning blend.

“The amount of people who have told me that they used to steal those little glass shakers from Pizza Huts is astounding,” adds Chain co-founder Nicholas Kraft “People clearlywanted to bring home those pizzeria flavors, so that’s what we’ve created with The Hut Shaker and these seasoning blends: all the joy and flavors of a meal at Pizza Hut without any of the crime.”

Whether enhancing homemade pizza to gourmet heights or experimenting with new recipes, this dynamic duet promises to be a trusted companion in the kitchen. The collectible box set, including the “Seasoning Duet” and “Hut Shaker” is priced at $60 and is available for a limited time only while supplies last for pre-order at starting on Thursday, November 9.

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