For millions of Americans, the hardest part about pizza night is often settling the debate between ordering Stuffed Crust or Pan Pizza. But now everyone wins. Pizza Hut is delivering two favorites in one recipe.

“The arrival of Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza is the biggest news to hit our Pan Pizza in nearly three decades,” says Brian Niccol, Pizza Hut chief marketing officer.

“I didn’t think it was possible to make our Pan Pizza any better, but with the addition of a ring of melted cheese stuffed deep into the crust, we’ve created a pizza that hits the jackpot.”

Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza is Pizza Hut’s classic Pan Pizza with a ring of cheese baked deep into the crust.

Available for $10.99 for a one topping, Stuffed Crust Pan is a combination of Pizza Hut Pan Pizza crust with a ring of cheese stuffed deep into the crust.

In 1980, Pizza Hut introduced the Pan Pizza, which changed the pizza world forever and became Pizza Hut’s signature recipe. Fifteen years later, Stuffed Crust flipped the pizza eating world as we knew it upside down – literally, inviting pizza fans to eat their pizza crust first. In 2009, these two greats have joined forces.

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