Pizza Inn Inc. has named a new vice president of development and vice president of brand management—Darrell Smith and Danny Meisenheimer. The two executives are expected to work closely together to address issues of systems and processes at Pizza Inn and ultimately encourage growth.

“These new positions mean accountability at the highest levels of the company, a key to getting our brand back on track,” says Tim Taft, President and CEO of Pizza Inn. “Together the roles are extremely crucial to the revitalization of the brand. The people I’ve selected have fresh approaches, innovative ideas, the right expertise, and creative insights to make positive changes.”

Smith will have ultimate oversight of site selection, construction of new company units, franchisee selection, and the design program of new and remodeled units. Meisenheimer will be charged with leveraging the brand’s foundational messages.

Specifically, Smith, former group director of development services for Whataburger has been tasked with improving the long-term success rates in Pizza Inn restaurants. Meisenheimer, formerly vice president of marketing for Pizza Inn, will ensure that customers see the brand message in every aspect of the Pizza Inn experience —through culture, concept design, packaging, promotion, and advertising. The development of the new concept is at the forefront of Meisenheimer’s brand strategy in addition to marketing Pizza Inn’s points of difference within existing stores and markets.

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