Coming off its best year in company history, Pizza Patrón announced that on Monday, February 1, it is relaunching its franchise program after having shuttered it in 2013.

Despite shelving its franchise program and closing approximately 30 percent of its units over the past three years, Pizza Patrón was able to achieve positive same store sales and increase overall system-wide sales during this period.

“Over the past three years, our aim has been to create a strong company culture focused on adherence to a tried, true, and proven system,” says Victor Vazquez, vice president of business development for Pizza Patrón. “Our company has never been healthier and our entire system is completely on board with getting it right at our stores.”

Vazquez says the company provides franchisees with turnkey development, including assistance in site selection, tenant representation, architectural plans, construction, and store launch. Pizza Patrón franchisees also benefit from commodity pricing negotiated direct with manufacturers, longstanding relationships with vendor partners and an operating system that has been refined and strengthened for nearly 30 years of business.

“We are committed to expanding our existing footprint in Texas, Arizona, and Chicago to start with,” Vazquez says. “Exclusivity is available in select markets for qualified developers.”

Pizza Patrón has more than a decade of franchising experience and a strong core of veteran franchisees. The company is also touting its new standalone model that expands real estate opportunities and is comparable to the top quick-service industry models at a fraction of the investment.

“We’re looking to add 60 new franchise stores in Houston, and 10 new franchise stores in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area over the next few years. Exclusive market opportunities will also be a top priority,” Vazquez says.

Pizza Patrón is looking for seasoned restaurateurs with multiunit experience to develop in major markets. Single store opportunities are available in small markets for qualified owner operators who are solely devoted to their Pizza Patrón business and live in the community they serve.


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