Pizza Ranch is rolling out a new lineup of bold flavors this Fall.


Starting October 7, 2013, Pizza Ranch’s menu will feature the Bold & Beefy Steak and Onion Pizza and Mediterranean Salad for a limited time only.


Our new Bold & Beefy Steak and Onion Pizza combines two foods our guests crave – steak and pizza – into one mouthwatering bite,” says Nancy Jordahl, culinary research and development director for Pizza Ranch. “And, the Mediterranean Salad offers a unique blend of robust flavors, and is a fresh and light complement to our new hearty pizza.”


The new menu items feature tasty ingredients such as:


·Bold & Beefy Steak and Onion Pizza: Made with tender beef steak strips, roasted sweet onions, beef toppings, and a mozzarella cheese blend.


·Mediterranean Salad: Contains crisp iceberg lettuce tossed with fresh spinach, green olives, Roma tomatoes, couscous mixed with grains and veggies, and topped with sundried tomato vinaigrette dressing.


These new menu items will be available through February 2014. Both buffet items are available at all of Pizza Ranch’s 175 locations.

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