The Pizza School of New York is launching its new fast casual pizza concept design program. After many years of success at being an international pizza school and consulting experts for the pizza industry, they have now turned their focus to the fast casual segment. The fast casual pizza segment is one of the hottest industry trends at the moment and is actually changing the way America is eating and experiencing pizza.

It seems like the fast casual pizza race started in the West Coast with concepts like 800 degrees, Blaze, Piology, and Mod Pizza, and is now being replicated and reinvented by many well-known companies and entrepreneurs who are all looking for a slice of the pie.

Says Andrew Scudera, world champion pizza maker of the Pizza School of New York, "We have trained hundreds of students over the last few years and have helped launch many concepts from full service restaurants to small take out places and many new incredible fast casual models. The fast casual pizza concepts are the hottest and fastest growing trend in the pizza industry. We have helped launch over a dozen different ones in the last few months and have seen so many incredible ideas and successes. The fast casual model works so well. Lower labor, less stress, ease of operation and great products; it just makes sense that this is the way to go.

"With so many people looking for the opportunity to be their own boss and enter the fast casual pizza segment without experience, we know that our expertise and experience is truly an invaluable service. Our main focus is going to be a full service consulting for the fast casual industry. Hot and cool concept development, that's what we offer.

"Many people and groups are looking for and are wanting to get into a fast casual pizza concept franchise. fast casual pizza franchises are experiencing tremendous growth throughout the country. But as you know most franchise companies have stringent guidelines, sell territories for multiple unit development, have limited markets available, and have tough requirements on liquid capital available and even experience. So for many individuals or groups who truly desire a fast casual pizza concept that they love, we are here to offer that service. And here is where we come into play.

"We offer people the ability to learn the art of pizza with complete hands-on training with world champion pizza makers in a live restaurant environment. We also offer concept design and development, which includes menu development, equipment specifications, 3D color renderings, and operational manuals for fast-casual startups. I guess you can say it's like getting a franchise without paying the royalties forever, having your own autonomy to make decisions, and grow your own brand while still fueling that entrepreneur spirit. Our services make life easy for new entrepreneurs and seasoned ones as well who want to break into another segment or develop their own fast casual concept. We are looking forward to seeing great pizza all across America, and fueling the entrepreneurial spirit to help make great pizza concepts a reality."

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